Photographing Post Malone | Featuring 21 Savage and SOB & RBE


I got the chance to photograph the extremely popular artists Post Malone at the Walnut Creek on 5/18/18 with a sold out crowd of almost 20,000 people.  Post Malone is an artists the has blown up on the  music scene.  He has been described as having an "eclectic" mix of styles that he blends together to create his unique sound.   His musical style ranges between grunge, hip-hop and R&B.  Post himself has described his music as "versatile".  Post Malone is currently on tour with a mix of other hip hop artists that have made there own mark in the music scene.  


At the start of the show Post Malones opening acts came out and did their best to get the crowd excited well sharing there brand of hip hop or rap.  Paris, who is an up and comer was energetic and engaged with the fans.  He moved around the stage and seemed happy in general to there,  telling fans that he is exciting to be living out a dream of his on this stage.  He talked directly to the 20,000 screaming fans that came out in support of there and his music.  He did not stand in one spot or do a slow walk around the stage, he moved around and embraced the size of the stage.  

 Paris engaging the crowd with his style of music.

Paris engaging the crowd with his style of music.

 Paris getting the crowd amped

Paris getting the crowd amped

 On stage with Paris

On stage with Paris


There were two artists that came out and gave one of the most lack luster performances I have seen in a long time.  It almost felt as if they were bored being there and had little or no interest in what they were doing.  It was very disappointing as I had heard a lot of good things about these artists.  SOB & RBE.  I was taking photographs and found myself looking at other photographers as we felt no enthusiasm and no engagement with the fans.  They walked out on stage as if they just got done with a bender the night before.  When you have 20,000 fans looking forward to seeing you live I would think you would have a lot more excitement to be there on that stage at this point in your musical career.  It almost felt as if it was a chore for them to be out there and it was just a paycheck.  I don't know if it was nerves due to the large fan base that was there but either way I was very disappointed in there stage presence.  The music was fine but without a good stage presence fans can become bored. 






Before Post Malone came on stage his big supporting artists came out on stage.  Now before he came out I asked a few fans who they were excited to see, a lot of them talked about Post but also the same amount talked about 21 Savage.  He has a huge following of 3.2 million people on his YouTube channel and a little over 1.1 million people on his Facebook page.  So I and the other photographers were looking forward to capturing some great photographs of him and to share this one of a kind concert experience with our readers.  Well, all i can say is that his performance was a dud.   He came out with little interest of wanting to be there.  He walked around slowly in a circle and it sounded like he was mumbling through most of his set.  He never really engaged with the fans enthusiastically and just looked like he was irritated to be there.  I looked at another photographer and he just looked at me in disbelief.  He had this huge stage to embrace and show the fans a great show but it looked not only to me but to a lot of fans as if he didn't care at all that he was there.  I looked at a fan behind me to see their reaction to him being on stage, they had this sort of questionable look on their face as if to say "is this the 21 Savage I love to listen to?".   I don't know if he was having a bad day or he just did not want to be there but 21 Savage showed no enjoyment, excitement or even a glimpse of happiness that he was standing on front of 20,000 plus fans.  With the amount of followers, fans and people that embrace his unique style of hip hop, you would think he would at least try to put on a great performance for the dedicated fans paying good money to see him.  

 21 Savage

21 Savage

 21 Savage

21 Savage

After the supporting artists left the stage the fans were waiting patiently for the headlining act which was Post Malone.  I could see fans just getting ready and pointing at the stage.  This sudden excitment came over the crowd as if they were about to witness something amazing.  

 Fans waiting as Post Malone was about to hit the stage.

Fans waiting as Post Malone was about to hit the stage.

I and the other photographers stood waiting patiently then the lights when low.  Before I knew it Post Malone was above my head saying hello to the thousands of fans in front of him.  He asked how everyone was and had a huge smile on his face.  He looked as if he was excited to be there and showed this enthusiasm to be expressing his unique style of music with his fans.  He moved around the stage and would talk with fans in between songs.  He did not once show a lack luster or annoyed look on his face.  I looked back and saw fans jumping, singing and just over the roof with excitement.  His voice sounded good even though he said he was coming down with something.  Post Malone played a completely different style and had a great stage presence which helped get the fans going.  I don't think artists or musicians understand that your stage presence can completely destroy your set and make people not want to pay money to see your show in the future.  Post Malone had a great stage presence.  

 Post Malone

Post Malone

 Post Malone

Post Malone

 Post Malone

Post Malone

 Post Malone

Post Malone

 Post Malone

Post Malone

 Post Malone

Post Malone

 Post Malone

Post Malone

 Post Malone

Post Malone


So in the end Post Malone basically saved his own concert.  His performance, enthusiasm, energy and him embracing the fans ended the concert with a good feeling.  His voice sounded melodic as it does on his records and I did not see any feeling as if he did not want to be there.  He looked happy and the fans could see that he wanted to be there and it got the crowd energized.  



Dropkick Murphys. Flogging Molly. They share a working class ethos, they share an Irish heritage and Celtic folk influence, and now — for the first time — these two giants of American punk rock will be sharing the stage for a co-headlining U.S. tour. This historic run, celebrating over 20 years of mayhem, kicks off June 1 at Jacobs Pavilion in Cleveland, OH. Tickets for all shows are on sale now at and

If you go to see one show this year you need to make it this one.  The beloved and Boston;s very own Dropkick Murphy's will be coming to Raleigh NC with the amazing Flogging Molly.  This is an experience you will not want to miss! Read information below about the bands.


About Dropkick Murphys:

Dropkick Murphys — Al Barr (lead vocals), Tim Brennan (guitars, accordion, mellotron, whistles, vocals), Ken Casey (lead vocals, bass guitar), Jeff DaRosa (banjo, bouzouki, mandolin, harmonica, acoustic guitars, vocals), Matt Kelly (drums, percussion, vocals), James Lynch (guitar, vocals) — are touring in support of their 11 Short Stories Of Pain & Glory album, released through the band's own Born & Bred Records in 2017. The album debuted at #8 on the Billboard Top 200 and was the #1 independently released album. There's a feeling of purpose throughout the album, influenced by the band's work with The Claddagh Fund, a charity the band established in 2009 to help support addiction recovery as well as children's and veterans' organizations. Dropkick Murphys are hands-on in raising funds, mentoring, and lending a helping hand with veterans, youth sports, and drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Many of the songs reflect these experiences, and the band's sadness, anger and dismay at the opiate epidemic ravaging the country — in particular, Boston and New England — and also their feeling of pride and optimism at the sight of those who have turned their lives around. Dropkick Murphys have become ambassadors for their city. In Boston, it seems like everybody knows someone connected to the band whether by blood, friendship, or the time they shared a brew at a Bruins game. They've built a legacy that does Beantown proud.

One of there most well known songs is a song called "I'm shipping up to Boston".  This song was off of the Departed soundtrack.  It is was on the most beloved songs for Boston natives like myself. 

 Dropkick Murphy's were on the soundrack to the movie "The Departed". 

Dropkick Murphy's were on the soundrack to the movie "The Departed". 

 Click on the picture to check out Dropkicks most recent release!  Click on picture to get your copy. 

Click on the picture to check out Dropkicks most recent release! 
Click on picture to get your copy. 



About Flogging Molly:

Quintessential Irish-American folk punk band Flogging Molly — Dave King (lead vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bodhran), Bridget Regan (violin, tin whistle), Dennis Casey (acoustic guitar, electric guitar), Bob Schmidt (banjo, mandolin), Matt Hensley (accordion, piano, concertina), Nathen Maxwell (bass guitar, vocals), Mike Alonso(drums, percussion) — are celebrating their 20th Anniversary as a staple in the punk scene and touring in support of Life Is Good, their first new album in over six years. It's filled with rousing songs that are timeless in their sentiment, but directly related to today's most pressing concerns: politics, the economy, unemployment, planned boomtowns gone bust, immigration policies gone awry, and much more. Life Is Good serves as a wake-up call to those who have simply stood by while far-reaching political decisions were made that had serious impact on them. The band started out as the house band at Molly Malone's and built a loyal following. They've built a massive fan base through endless touring, and even have their very own boat cruise which has hosted everyone from Rancid to NOFX to The Offspring to Less Than Jake to The English Beat to The Bouncing Souls to Frank Turner to Gogol Bordello. This year marks the fourth year of their roaring Salty Dog Cruise.



Click here to pick up the latest release from Flogging Molly! 

Click on the picture to see the upcoming shows on there tour.  They might be hitting your city!

Don't miss out on this once in a lifetime chance to see to of the greatest bands together on one stage.  You can purchase your tickets by clicking on the bands website links or by clicking here to to go the RedHat website.  

Photographing Carbon Leaf


I got the pleasure of meeting and photographing Carbon Leaf at the Lincoln theater in Raleigh NC.  Carbon leaf is a name that has been around for just a few years, you know 25 years.... not long at all. ;) 
The band still played the show in Raleigh as if they just got signed to a label and were releasing there debut album.  They sounded great!  The bands sound has a mixture of blues with folk and you can even hear some Celtic influence in there as well.   Through out there 25 year history the band has done over 2,400 live concerts and has release over 17 albums.  One of the biggest hits they had that was given repeat air play was a song called "life less ordinary".  This song was a big hit and had a regular rotation on the radio. The song was off their album "Indian Summer" and went to number #5 on the top adult contemporary billboard charts.  Watch the video below. 

Band members include Barry Privett, Terry Clark, Carter Gravatt, Jason Neal and Jon Markel. 
The band has had a few rotation changes over the years but that has not stopped them from creating and performing in front of dedicated fans.  


The Show:

The Lincoln Theater is in downtown Raleigh and has a long and interesting history.  The place was packed and fans were ready to hear Carbon Leaf.  I went back stage to introduce myself, I wanted to let them know that I would be the guy walking around taking pictures.  I got to talk with them for a little bit and they were really nice and accommodating to me.  We talked about different areas to photograph and made sure I talked with them about different shots I was looking for.  After I met up with the band I went back out into the audience and got ready for there entrance.  The lights went low and the band came to the stage with screaming fans excited to see them in the Raleigh NC area.  They welcomed everyone and started playing and they sounded great.  They were interactive the the fans, joked around, talked with the fans and sang beautiful.  It was a great show and I would recommend anyone to see this band.  Even after 25 years they still sound amazing and give just as good of a show as they would have 25 years ago!  Thanks to Carbon Leaf for having me out to photograph the show!  What the video below of their opening song. 

Carbon Leaf at the Lincoln Theater in Raleigh NC May 4, 2018. Check out the for more info.

Check out Carbon Leaf's newest release called Gathering. Click on the picture below to get your copy today! 




Photographing Kobra and the Lotus

 Kobra Paige - Lead Vocals for Kobra and the Lotus

Kobra Paige - Lead Vocals for Kobra and the Lotus

I got the chance to photograph Canada's own metal band Kobra and the Lotus.  Kobra and the Lotus formed in 2009 by lead vocals Kobra Paige.  The band has grown in the past few years and also got signed to Napalm Records.  There band has gone through a few changes in the lineup over the years but Kobra Paige has remained the main stay and the beating heart of the band.  The bands sound is just as kiss ass as a metal fan would imagine.  Kobra's vocals are melodic with a vocal range that keeps in momentum with the hard hitting guitar riffs.  She brings and enthusiasm to the stage which for me is always nice to see.  Watching an artists enjoy there creation in front of a crowd makes the show and experience more enjoyable.  The band does not falter with energy when on stage.  Each band member using their instrument of metal to create a fluid and dynamic connection with the crowd.   So basically, the band is fucking really good!  They are currently on tour to support there new release off of Napalm records.  You can click the links below to find out more information about the band.  Don't miss the opportunity to see this band live, you will leave wanting more. 

 Pictures below are copyrighted by Chris Sturk and the pictures cannot be modified for any reason without written permission from the photographer.  



You can check out there interview on my fellow photographer friends magazine.  It is a great interview.  Click on the link to enter.

Photographing X-Ambassadors


I got the chance to photograph the first stop on the US tour of the X-Ambassadors Joyful Tour.  Their first stop was at the Ritz Music Venue in Raleigh North Carolina.  On tour supporting the band is The Aces and Son Little.  When lead singer Sam Harris came out with his brother Casey Harris and followed up drummer Adam Levin.  You could feel the crowd start to get excited as the lights slowly turned up.  From the start of the first chord Sam started dancing and singing to the crowd.  The crowd sang back the same lyrics Sam was belting out.  Keyboardist Casey Harris was playing the keyboards with such passion and enthusiastic joy that any upcoming musician would hope to emulate.  Drummer Adam Levin kept everything on track with out missing a beat.  

One of the more memorable moments was actually Sam Harris taking off his shirt, and the reason why is because I have never heard such loud screams from fans before.  I am glad I had my ear plugs in!   Sam interacted with the crowd and danced all across the stage engaging each band member which is nice to see.  The fans were loving every note, move and passionate lyric being harmonized across the venue.   Lead singer Sam also played the saxophone and bass guitar through a portion of their set.  

The X-Ambassadors are best known for their radio friendly hits such as Unsteady and Renegades.  The group is touring to promote their new upcoming album called "JOYFUL". 

Go check out their tour in a city near you!  They put on a great show and I know you will have a great time.  Thanks to X-Ambassadors for having me out to photograph the show!  Pictures down below. 



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Photographing Betty Who


I am trying to think of words to write that would describe the incredible live show that Betty Who had put on in Raleigh NC on April 26th 2018.  I had never heard of Betty Who before that night but after experiencing her synth pop, dance fueled and energetic stage show first hand I can safely say I am a huge fan.  Betty Who (Jessica Anne Newham) is an Australia-born singer-songwriter that has a history of music in your blood.  At a young age she learned Cello and is a self taught piano and guitar player.  She started mastering her artist and creative writing while attending Berklee College of Music in Boston where she met producer Peter Thomas who helped build her synth pop style.  


Betty Who put on a show that I have never experienced and it is by far the best show I have photographed this year so far.  She walked out on that stage ready to make every fan at the Lincoln theater that night dance until they would collapse in exhaustion.  "How is everyone in Raleigh doing tonight?!"  The crowd screamed back letting her know they were happy she was there.  She dance on stage with two other dancers and her band joined in and made sure they brought the feeling of a good night with them. 

I would definitely recommended anyone to see her live and experience the truly amazing performance in person.  I was back stage getting ready to take some more pictures and I actually looked at one of the guys on her crew and said "holy shit! she is amazing live!  What and incredible show!" he looked right back at me, smiled and said "I know!".  

I put some of the song she played that night down below with pictures from the show.  Check out Betty Who!  You won't regert seeing her show live!!

 Talking with her fans. 

Talking with her fans. 


Photographing Mat Kearney


I have been wanting to photograph Mat Kearney for a few years now.  I started listening to his music in 2006 when his first record “Nothing Left to Lose" was released which had a mix of melodic rock and a hint of pop.  So I was excited to photograph his show.  He has a new record coming out in May of 2018 called "Crazy Talk".  Click the picture below to hear music on itunes.

 Album release on May 4th.  CLICK ON PICTURE TO ENTER iTUNES! 

Album release on May 4th.  CLICK ON PICTURE TO ENTER iTUNES! 


As I stepped into the pit waiting for Mat to hit the stage I could feel the crowd getting excited to see him live.  The lights dimmed down and the crowd started screaming.  His band members walked out first and then Mat hit the stage.  The energy of the fans was incredible as they collectively cheered once the lights kicked on.    He played a range of songs cover a mix of new material with old.  One of the songs off the new record he played was "Better then I used to be".  This was the first time I had heard it and it was a great new track.  It has a unique mix of pop style, subtle electronic beats and melodic vocal melody with acoustic pops.  It is a great song and the first song of his new record.  What the video below.

Mat put on a great show with amazing energy throughout.  The crowd was engaged and Mat made sure everyone was having a good time.  He dances around the stage with his band mates and would look out into the crowd and egg them on to sing with him.  I would recommend to see Mat in concert if you get the chance.  You won't regeret it.  Pictures of the show down below.


Photographing Jackyl



If you were ever wondering if the rock band Jackyl can still rock out and kick some ass, the answer is a loud rock filled resounding yes!  Jackyl has a huge following of fans and almost 205,000 likes on their facebook page, so yeah they are still kicking ass.   I first heard Jackyl in 1993 when I was entering high school.  I was watching MTV (yes kids, MTV still played music videos then) when this band came on and I heard the first guitar riff to "Down on Me".  I heard the chorus and then it happened, the song was locked in my brain.  I could not get it out of my head!   


When I saw that Jackyl was on tour and playing a show in Raleigh I knew I had to reach out to them.  I contacted them through there Facebook page and was put in touch with someone who represented them.  I got my media pass and was excited to photograph an iconic rock band. Lead vocals Jesse James Dupree is the smiling rock singer you will see front and center.  His presence gives you this relaxed energy, this sort of feeling like you could grab a beer with him and talk about rock music and life for a few hours.  Oh,  and yes he still rocks out with the vocals and creates a really fun atmosphere when on stage.  Jeff Worley (lead guitar and backing vocals) kicked some pretty major ass.  He was great to photograph with energy and you could see he was putting it all on the table.  He played great and even tossed a pick into the crowd.  It fell at my feet so I picked it up and gave it to the fan it was supposed to go too.  


Drummer Chris Worley was definitely kicking the shit out of the drums and I mean that in a really good way.  He was just as energetic and fun as the guys up front.  I did not hear him miss a beat and he brought the crowd in by engaging them.  It is important for a drummer to do that and he performed great. 


Roman Glick (Bass Guitar/Backing vocals) was one of the most energetic, wild head banging, and slap happy bass beating guitarist I have seen in a long time.  He really brought his "A" game and just made the stage his own.  He was so much fun to photograph because he was just all over the place and was having a kick ass time. 


My overall feel of there performance was great.  Jackyl did not disappoint.  They are a seasoned band that has seen the ups, downs and trends of rock and roll but have kept true to their rock roots.  The fans are always excited to see them and the crowd was pumped when they walked out onto the stage.  Jackyl even did there signature and well known "Chainsaw Solo" but I unfortunately did not get a picture of that because I had to leave.  I am bummed out I missed it but maybe next time when they are in town I will photograph them again!  Fingers crossed.  If you have the chance to go see Jackyl I would definitely tell you to go see them.  You won't be disappointed at all.  They  bring there "A" game and they can still rock with the best of them after all these years.  It was a pleasure photographing this band and I hope to see them play more shows in 2018.  Go see them!!! It is a kick ass rock experience!  


Photographing Black River Rebels


I got the chance to photograph South Carolina's own Black River Rebels.  They were the opening band for the Jackyl concert on January 19th at the Ritz in Raleigh.  I was unfamiliar with this band and was looking forward to hearing them.  The cool thing about photographing these shows is that you get the opportunity to hear new music and share it with everyone.  They came out to the stage with a passionate and unforgiving energy.  Each band member played their heart out giving us an enjoyable performance and kick ass sound.   Wade RazR (lead vocals) started belting out vocals with an intense rock enthusiasm you would normally see at huge rock venues.  The Ritz is not that big but they didn't care, they treated this as if it was a 20,000 standing room only stadium!  Wade danced, jumped and interacted with the fans to bring an immersive rock music experience.  Brad "Shotgun" Snipes (drums) made sure you heard his drums with every bass hit, symbol crash and his epic rock yells in between songs.  His energy was not stop and he made sure you felt it!  Robert Dirr (lead guitar/backing vocals) balanced ear screeching solos with rock god poses and towered over the crowd with each ripping shred.  David Disaster (Bass Guitar) was anything but a disaster.  I had never seen someone with a mo-hawk head-bang that much during a set.  He kept the deep pounding bass riffs in rythm while making sure he almost performed epic rock stances.  


Watching the band on stage was a great experience.  Some bands do not keep the energy going and you start to see them drain towards the end of the show.  These guys did not stop and kept the energy at top speed the entire set.  They each looked like they were having a good time and that kept the fans interested.  Bands that can create a enthusiastic energy while playing awesome riffs with ripping vocals can entrance the audience.  Black River Rebels did a great show and kept me wanting to hear more and watch them more as the show went on.  

Check out the pictures below and go to their facebook page to see more or learn more.



 Photograph by Chris Sturk.  Big Something LIVE Album Cover 

Photograph by Chris Sturk.  Big Something LIVE Album Cover 

I got the pleasure of photographing the band BIG SOMETHING during the new year weekend.  They were playing a three day concert event starting on December 30th and ending on New Years day January 1st 2018.  It was an amazing set of shows and an amazing three day's of watching kick ass and talent musicians rock on stage while dedicated and excited fans fill up the Lincoln Theater.  

 Big Something

Big Something

They also had some great opening acts each night that just rocked as hard as Big Something themselves.  The supporting acts for the night were Madaleen, Dr. Bacon, Urban Soil and Travers Brothership.  Every bands kicked ass on stage and the crowd loved every minute of it.  Big Something has a dedicated fan base and you could see their excitement when the band came out on stage.  It was a great experience.  Lead singer Nick from the band Big Something reached out to me to see about using my photograph for the album cover to the live downloadable record.  I was honored that he was requesting to use one of my photographs.  It was a great way to start off 2018!  

 The band Maradeen

The band Maradeen

 The band Urban Soil

The band Urban Soil

 Nick from the Big Something

Nick from the Big Something

 The band Dr. Bacon

The band Dr. Bacon

 The band Travers Brothership

The band Travers Brothership

I really had a great time photographing all of these bands.  This is just a small sample from each night.  There are so many photographs to look through!  :)   You can check out the live album with my photograph at BIG SOMETHING LIVE ALBUM

Photographing the Dead Deads


I got to photograph the kick ass rock band the Dead Deads on 11/26/2017 at the Ritz in Raleigh.  I will admit I had never heard of this band before until I walked into the venue and was told the Dead Deads were opening for Seether.  I went into the pit and got prepared to start taking pictures when the first electric riff was shredded from the electric guitar.  I looked up and standing above me was this power house of a woman with X's on her eyes looking ready to rock the venue.  I then heard the crashing sounds of the drums reverberating through the floor, I looked to the back and only saw dreadlocks flailing around as if a headbangers ball competition was in session.  I could see arms holding drums sticks crashing into symbols with drum rolls that would make a symphony of musicians jealous.   I looked to my right and saw the bass player exude a calm demeanor while her fingers beat on the bass as if it had said something crude to her face.  It was a sight to be hold in itself but then the sound.....the sound of rock and the vocals just melded the entire musical experience together.   


I started taking pictures as I was finding myself wanting to jump on stage and rock out with them.  The music was infectious and the lead vocalist "Meta Dead" screamed out some harmony driven notes with a twist of angst driven rock.  It was a mixture of old school punk, grunge rock and metal.  They played the show as if they were known by millions and I can see why they have such a dedicated fan following.  I can definitly agree with all the things I read about this band that they will only continue to grow in the rock scene.  I hope to and would look forward to working with them again and photographing their shows!  Go check them out!  Video of one of there songs is below. 


Photographing Josh Todd and the Conflict


I got to photograph Josh Todd and the Conflict at the Cone Denim Entertainment Theater in Greensboro NC.  Josh Todd; who is also known from being the lead singer of Buckcherry now has his solo band with buckcherry guitarist Steve Dacanay called Josh Todd and the Conflict.  They are currently on their tour to promote their album "Year of the tiger".   


Josh Todd and the Conflict put on one hell of a great show.  They had extreme enthusiasm and energy to keep the crowd going.   Josh Todd interacted with the crowd and used the stage has his personal play ground.  He was dancing and moving a long with every riff and screaming solo that was played and each hard hitting snare slam of the drums.  Josh Todd's vocals sounded great and it gave the new music a raw rock and roll vocal tone to the screaming guitar riffs from Steve.  Drummer Sean Winchester was amazing.  He just about beat the drum-set into the stage making sure every snare hit and symbol crash could be heard and felt by the crowd.  Bassist Gregg Cash brought to the stage deep bass riffs you could feel reverberate through the stage and so much hair that the rock gods would be jealous.  Each band member was happy to be there and rocked out as hard as they could for the crowd.  It was a great show to photograph and the guys seem really nice and very personable.  I hope to photograph them again someday in the future.  There new album is currently on sale and I put the new music video down below so you can hear the new sound.  


Photographing JD Eicher


I photographed singer songwriter JD Eicher on 11/11/2017 in Raleigh NC at the Lincoln Theater.  I will be honest, I was unfamiliar with his work until I saw him open for Sister Hazel.  I wanted to give him his own blog post because his music really resonated with me and I think it deserves it's own post.  JD Eicher's music has a grounded, beautifully mixed acoustic sound with a touch of melodic harmony that can give your ears a poetic listening experience.   I met JD when photographing Sister Hazel and photographed him before the show started.  He was running through his sound check and I was at the venue early getting ready to photograph the concert.  I introduced myself and and asked if I could photograph him while is does sound check; he said sure!  


While he was running through his sound check he was strum a few riffs and sing melodic notes to just check the mic settings.  I heard something that caught my ear and seemed to resonate with me.   I was then really interested to see what kind of music he would be performing.  After they checked everything I talked with JD about areas he is ok with me photographing.  He gave permission to photograph him from the back of the stage so I could get the crowd in the shot.  When I go into any concert photography situation I always have an idea of what kind of photographs I want to capture, so I was glad he said it was ok because that was a photograph I wanted to capture!  We talked a little more about where they are from, his music and my photography.  It is great to talk with the musicians you are photographing to get an idea of who they are so you can capture with photographs the best representation of their musical style.   


After his set I was able to show some of the photographs I took of him to him and he really liked them.  I then talked and exchanged information and he gave me one of his CD's to listen to.  To be honest, I have had it on repeat almost the entire day today!  So I definitely would recommend buying his record and checking him out live.  I hope I will be able to keep in touch and photograph him again the future.   Check out the links below to see his music, I also added a video down below!  





Photographing Sister Hazel


I got the chance to photograph the great band Sister Hazel on Saturday November 11 at the Lincoln Theater in Raleigh NC.  I got to the venue pretty early and talked with Sister Hazel's manager and looked at different areas to photograph.  The venue was just about sold out and it was such a good show!  Sister Hazel had the crowd singing with them and people just having a great time, as you can see in the picture below. :)


I have photographed at the linconl theater before and it has some great spots to capture some really epic crowd pictures.  The band was really nice and I got to talk with them about the photographs and even show them a few.  It was a great experience and Sister Hazel was really nice, generous, engaging and gave the fans a show they will surely remember.  I would like to photograph them again in the future.   Great night!  Go see them LIVE!! 


Photographing Hinder


I photographed Hinder on November 10th 2017 at the Cone Denim Entertainment Theater in Greensboro NC.  A lot of people might know them from their big hits such as "Lips of an Angel", "Better than me", "Use Me" and some others.   A few years ago one of the founding members and lead singer Austin Winkler left the band.  They have since moved on with a new lead singer Marshal Dutton and have released a new album that brings the new singer to the forefront.  Hinder played a great show but when they attempted to cover the past hits with the new vocalist the sound fell flat and lacked the original impact of the original singer.  This has nothing to do with Marshal Dutton because their new original song sounded great and Marshal kicked ass while performing it.  It is hard to imagine or think that Marshal can emulate or give justice to the original singers unique voice and singing style of the original hits.  That should not be something anyone put against him as a singer because he sounds great with the new original songs!  With that being said, listen to the new song from Hinder and you will see how well the new vocalist fits into their music.  It sounds great and I look forward to them growing with the new singer and the new songs.  

You can see with this new song that the band sounds great and they will have a bright future on their new start.  I am a fan of the old classics but their new original song sounds great and I am looking forward to their growth as a new band with a new sound.  


Photographing Wayland


I got to photograph Wayland at the Cone Denim Entertainment Center in Greensboro NC.  I had never seen this band live so I was not sure what to expect.  I can start with saying they did not disappoint!  They played a hard, passionate and energized show.   They never wavered from bringing the energy of there music to the fans.  I felt myself trying to capture photographs but so engulfed in the energy of the show I would forget to take a shot!  


You can see in the photograph above how energized they were and it definitly made their presence felt throughout the venue that night.  I would recommend on seeing them live if they are in your area and will hopefully be able to photograph them again.  Such a good show!