My mother, brother and I recently went to Myrtle Beach South Carolina.  We walked on the beaches that you and mom once walked on.  It rained most of the time there but we still had a great time relaxing and enjoying the view from the hotel.  We talked about you and had several laughs thinking about what you would say or do.  We visited some of the areas that you and mom went to and she fondly remembered those moments in time.  You would of loved the view.  I woke up every morning around 5:30am and hit the beach for some photographic opporotunies.  Since it did rain a lot I was limited in some of the photographs I could take.  

You would of loved the room, the view we had was great.  We could basically walk onto the balcony and stair at the beach.  I think I could of thrown a rock and hit the beach with it.  We sat many nights on the balcony reminiscing or just enjoying each others company.   

Rob and I went to the Ripley's Aquarium and it was pretty cool.  It was interesting to walk around and see all of the great wildlife.  We saw some crazy jelly fish.  I still think they should be out in the ocean but you know me.


 We are thinking this might be a new yearly thing we do around the same time every year.  I think it will be nice to spend time as a family each time the same year and bring you with us in our hearts.  You would of loved the trip Dad.  It was a beautiful and even though the weather was not that great, we had a great time spending time together as a family.  We often found ourselves staring out into the ocean thinking of you.  We miss you. 




I recently photographed a wedding at the Barklay Villa in Angier NC.  This place is beautiful, huge and just amazing.  The architecture is outstanding and it reminds you of a victorian style setting.  I have photographed a wedding at this location before but it still amazes me every time I am there.  My dad would of loved this place.  It has this historic feel to it even though it is not a historical house.  

  The Bride and I

The Bride and I

It was an exciting shoot, we had so many different options for locations to photograph the bride and groom.  

I know if I showed my dad this picture he would of first said "you should cut your hair". lol.
It was a great day and such a great wedding.  The couple was great, guests were awesome and the bridal crew was just great to be around and fun.  

It was a lot of fun dad, you would of loved it.