I recently photographed a wedding at the Barklay Villa in Angier NC.  This place is beautiful, huge and just amazing.  The architecture is outstanding and it reminds you of a victorian style setting.  I have photographed a wedding at this location before but it still amazes me every time I am there.  My dad would of loved this place.  It has this historic feel to it even though it is not a historical house.  

  The Bride and I

The Bride and I

It was an exciting shoot, we had so many different options for locations to photograph the bride and groom.  

I know if I showed my dad this picture he would of first said "you should cut your hair". lol.
It was a great day and such a great wedding.  The couple was great, guests were awesome and the bridal crew was just great to be around and fun.  

It was a lot of fun dad, you would of loved it.