Learn how to use your new camera!

Today's modern DSLR's can be somewhat intimidating with the various options and functionalities these cameras offer. This course was created to help beginners learn how to navigate the different creative options on their new DSLR.  If you are interested in wanting to get the most out of your new camera, this course will give you the knowledge to use your camera more confidently.  We provide you not only with hands on teaching but also a pamphlet that you can refer back too anytime you need a refresher. This class will help you understand your camera and how to better use it as a creative tool in your photography journey.  F2.8 Studio's goal is to help you grow as a photographer and give you the right tools to help you on your way to taking great pictures. 

Course Price:  
Every Saturday between 12:00pm and 5:00pm.  
If you are wanting to do a group of people the first person is $70 and each additional person is $40
Course can only hold up to 5 people per course load and is up to 2 hours of photography learning. 




This course will go over:  
• Manual Mode
• Aperture mode
• Shutter Priority
• Bulb Mode
• Shutter speed
• Adjusting your aperture
• How to use bulb mode
• Understanding rule of 3rd and overview of composition
• Talk about the basic fundamentals of photography. 

Please fill out the form below to learn more about the DSLR course.  You will only receive e-mails pertaining to the course.   I look forward to talking with you soon.  You do not pay anything until the day of the class.  

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