Watermarked Images


All images taken by Chris Sturk are copyrighted and protected under federal copyright law.  Due to Chris Sturk’s images being stolen, modified, shared and sold without explicit permission or compensation on a regular basis Chris Sturk has watermarked all images.  Chris Sturk’s work has been praised by industry professionals and used by some of the most widely renowned bands and or artists to help promote their music around the world. The photographs that are taken are used to promote and share the concert experience with that particular bands fan base around the world.  

All images are watermarked and posted with watermarks on all social media accounts associated with Chris Sturk and f2.8 Music Photography.  If a band, management, label or artists is requesting the images for use on social media and or website without the watermark, there is a small cost to have the watermark removed.  The label, artist, management and or band will also need to sign a release form that will state the limitations and the agreed usage of the photograph or photographs by both parties.

We do not share un-watermarked photographs with bands, management, labels and or artists with the promise of “tagging” us in the photographs.  We have seen most bands and or management do not do this and it does not promise the photographs will not be used in any other capacity such as commercial use. 

If any questions please click on the contact page to message us.