Why We Watermark Images


All images taken by Chris Sturk are copyrighted and protected under federal copyright law. 

F28studio.com is a music media website that’s main goal is to provide high quality images with the intent of giving fans an engaging visual experience with their favorite bands and or artists.   We also strive to promote bands and artists to a new and global audience through our articles, concert highlights, music highlights and interviews. We do it because we love music and want to use our 17+ years of professional photography experience to capture photographs that best represent the artists or bands live performance instead of them just seeing underwhelming and blown out mobile phone pictures of their show all over the internet.   We write up articles about the bands we photograph while sharing ways for fans to purchase their albums, watch their media and like their social media accounts.

Due to the professional quality of our photographs we have had our work stolen, used without permission and sold without compensation or approval.   We watermark all images in the hopes to deter this from continuing to happen.  We do not provide non-watermarked images to bands, management, artists, fans or other media websites with the promise of “tagging” us in the photographs. We have experienced bands and management neglecting or just disregarding this request.  If a band and or media outlet would like to use the photographs without watermarks we do charge a small fee and have a “Permission of Usage” contract signed by both parties. This helps provide compensation to the photographer and also protect the picture from being used for commercial use under the guidelines of copyright law and usage rights permitted in the contract.

Please appreciate the work, time and dedication that goes into capturing these live performances.  We cover these shows for f28studio.com and our affiliates only.  We do share the photographs with the artists and they can post them with the watermark if they choose.  If you have any questions please send us a message on our contact page.


Thank you.